Medically Supervised Weight Loss Testimonials

Alembic Wellness experiences the joy of having happy customers on a daily basis.

Weight loss success leads to an increased level of confidence and happiness. Our weight loss system uses board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners and medical counselors to individually cater to each patient.

Down 33 lbs. So far!!

Alembic Adult Health is like no other weight loss center I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been to a few. The tools they offer actually work, and there is so much positive reinforcement and encouragement, I’m actually training for a 5K! I feel i have a real chance at being able to maintain my health and weight loss. Thanks Scott!! 🙂

42 lbs. down! Reached my first goal and onto the next!!

20 lbs. Down in a little over 4 weeks!!! Loving it… Just keep coming off!

Update on Joe…16 weeks and 96.6 pounds LOST! All we can say is WOW!!!

I have tried diet plan after diet plan for years and yes after awhile it would work but would gain it all back. Then I found Alembic Adult Health and it has been amazing. I started over a week ago and I have already seen huge results. I am down 4 pounds in week and the energy I have now is like night and day. The B12 Plus injections once a week have 100% improved my energy levels. I am not hungry I am fully satisfied on this plan. There are tons of options and tons of support when needed. I am telling everyone about this place including my family!! Finally on the road to health and happiness.

And the weight just keeps falling off!!!!

8 weeks and 58.6 pounds lost!
We are so happy to share his success and progress! Amazing job Tim!!!! We are PROUD OF YOU!!

Alembic health is a wonderful place to go to when you are looking for a health and wellness program that actually works! Scott is very dedicated to making you feel comfortable and also taking every part of your health into consideration before choosing a plan that is right for you and your diet needs. The atmosphere of the office is serene and welcoming right when you first walk through the door. I am very happy I chose Alembic Adult Health because I am finally getting the results I have not seen in a very long time!!”

* Individual results may vary based on goals, customized program, and/or any dietary needs.